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Melinda Barron loves to explore Egyptian tombs and temples, discover Mayan ruins, play in castles towers, and explore new cities and countries. She generally does it all from the comfort of her home by opening a book.

Melinda loves to lose herself between the pages of a book. The only thing she loves more is creating stories from the wonderful heroes and heroines that haunt her dreams and crowd her head. She believes love is for everyone, not just those who are a size 2. Her books are full of magic, suspense and love, in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Mel currently lives in the Texas Panhandle, with two cats, and a file stuffed with new ideas to keep her typing fingers busy, and your heart engaged.

Mel also writes as Maura McMan.
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Shivers (2007) (with Destiny Blaine, Catherine Chernow and Annmarie Ortega)
Siren's Song (2008) (with Jade Buchanan and Midnyte Dupree)
Handcuffs And Lace (2008) (with Demi Alex, Tia Fanning and Celia Kyle)
Red Garters, Snow and Mistletoe (2008) (with Demi Alex, Catrina Calloway, Tia Fanning and Mia Jae)
Victorian Brats, Volume Two (2009)
Blushing Cheeks: Volume Two (2011) (with Maura McMann and Maren Smith)
Heat Strokes 2 (2014) (with Alice Gaines, Kate Hill, Isabella Jordan, Lacey Savage and Kira Stone)
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