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Cat and Mouse

A novel by

Cat shifter and private detective Jaci Dillard is hired to steal back a family heirloom from adventurer Simon Jaymes. She sneaks into his house during a party, intent on doing the job quickly. But when she's discovered, she does the only thing she knows to get out of the situation. She shifts, and is caught on the security tape.

Simon Jaymes is amazed when he sees a woman turn into a cat. He and his best friend, police detective Josh Sage, track her down. Simon is more interested in Jaci's shifting abilities, and Josh wants to know exactly what she was doing in Simon's house that night.

But when Jaci realizes she's been duped, and her client ends up dead, the three of them join forces to find out what happened. They also join together as lovers, realizing that in their case, three is the perfect number for solving crimes, and making love.