book cover of Windfall


(A book in the MacAllister brothers series)
A novel by

Win MacAllister has a problem. His maiden aunt has decided that he needs to leave his
life in Mac’s Crossing, Colorado and move to Boston to run the family law firm. Win
wants to stay where he’s at, but knows that it will be hard to fight his strong-willed aunt.
But Win’s brother, Ben, finds a windfall for Win: an actress who has been left behind by
her acting troupe and owes a great deal of money to the hotel. Win offers to pay the bill,
if she acts as his wife while his aunt is in town.

Vanessa Trump doesn’t like the thought of being Win’s “wife,” but what choice does she
have. It won’t be for long, and then he’ll pay her bill. She makes sure he knows that there
won’t be any sex involved in their arrangement. She just didn’t know that she needed to
specify that there would be no spankings, either.

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