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Nuit Aux Trois: Quinn's two roommates, lovers Fletcher Covair and Devlin St. Giles, have the perfect idea: Quinn will accompany them on a Halloween ghost hunt at a haunted plantation. Quinn agrees, knowing there's no such thing as ghosts and thinking the time away will give her time to assess her future job prospects, and if nothing else, a chance to relax. But the plantation's resident ghost, Alison, has other ideas. She wants help in righting a longtime wrong, and it seems that the ghost has chosen Quinn, Dev, and Fletch to assist her. While Quinn's mind is reeling from the knowledge that there are really ghosts, she comes to another shocking realization: Dev and Fletch have more on their minds than ghost hunting, and Alison isn't the only restless spirit who wants to make contact. The Resurrection of Josephine: Martin Vandreen avoids graveside funerals at all costs - for good reason. As a spiritual medium with the ability to communicate with the dead, cemeteries tend to be filled with restless souls that want to chat with him. But when Martin makes an exception and attends the burial ceremony of his dear friend's departed father, he encounters a powerful entity that nearly kills him. Rumer Rousseau and her lover Noah Hopper will do anything to stop the resurrection of Josephine, including forcibly enlisting the help of Martin. Martin reluctantly agrees to help find a way to destroy Josephine before the evil witch gains enough power to overturn the spell binding her spirit to her crypt, thus allowing her to return to the world of flesh and blood. Suddenly, Martin's orderly lifestyle is turned upside down. But within the arms of Rumer and Noah, he's finds that he no longer desires the solitude he once treasured, and longs to have a relationship that can stand the test of time. But will the bond they forged together be strong enough to survive the resurrection of Josephine? Come As You Are: Tempest Gandy needs a change. After leaving her job as a television news producer, she purchases a house in the French Quarter and is now working to turn it into a B&B. Unfortunately, she's not sleeping well at night and she's pretty sure something paranormal is going on in her house. When her fatigue starts to interfere with her work during the day, she contacts her friend Quinn, who works with the New Orleans Ghost Seekers. Franco LeBeau can read minds. When the Ghost Seekers meet at his French Quarter establishment to discuss a new case, he meets Tempest and is thrilled to discover that her thoughts match his own: instant attraction. But after hearing Tempest's story, his attraction instantly turns to worry. He knows it's not a ghost disturbing Tempest's sleep, but an incubus. The Seekers agree to help Tempest battle the incubus, and Franco offers to act as a bodyguard during the night. Of course, Tempest hopes Franco will do more with her body than guard it. Only one thing stands in their way: a demon who wants Tempest all for himself. Conjurer at the Crossroads: Pebbles Malloy has tried to fight her heritage as a conjurer. She doesn't mind working at her grandmother's shop in the French Quarter, but she doesn't want the responsibilities that come with conjuring. Then she tells the members of the ghost seekers that she can banish an incubus who has decided to target one of the group's lovers. The problem is she doesn't have enough practice to harness her energy and get rid of the demon for good. So she promises to meet him at the crossroads where she will make a pact with him to bear him a child, something he desires more than anything in the world. But as time passes, Pebbles finds out this demon has a tragic past, one that haunts him and keeps him enslaved when he would like nothing more than to reclaim his soul. Can Pebbles and her fellow Ghost Seekers find a way help the incubus break out of his prison, or will she find herself in his position, lost to an evil presence, in mind, body and soul?

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