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A Trick of the Moon

A novel by

BBW Maura Atwell has put away her attorney shoes to run her father's guest ranch while he recovers from a stroke. When what looks to be a Native American kiva is discovered on her father's land, she does what any good attorney would do: she has it investigated.

Archeologist Declan Littlecreek has wanted Maura since they were in college. Knowing sex and friendship don't always mix, he kept things from getting too heavy. Now that Maura is asking for his help in exploring her new find he's all game: and he's ready to explore the attraction between them.

Declan and his best friend, policeman Oliver Gallegos, travel to the Full Moon Ranch to see what they can find. While the threesome explores the kiva, they also discover a passion that burns hot between the three of them, binding them together.

Is the passion they feel just a Trick of the Moon, or will their romance carry over into life in the outside world?

NOTE: This book was previously released by another publisher but has been thoroughly re-edited.