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A Christmas Package

All I want for Christmas and Santa's Little Helper
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This spicy two pack combines two great Melinda Barron Christmas Romances for one low price!

All I Want For Christmas
Tara, lonely again on Christmas while her married friends all flourished and were now even becoming pregnant, can't think of anything more she wants for Christmas than a man she can have a family with, to love, to grow old with. And so, she writes a secret letter to Santa about her very sincere Christmas list.

The very next day she meets Seth--handsome, nice, incredibly sexy... who spanks her.

Is her Christmas wish coming true?

Santa's Little Hlper
Maddy Denson's struggling department store is in danger of being snatched up by the competition, Jaxson's Department Store. She's a mom and pop organization, and Jaxson's is a chain.

When Maddy finds out her new Santa is Garth Prescott, nephew to Jaxson's owner Richard Jaxson, she decided to set him up for the fall, and ends up falling for him herself.

Garth finds himself very attracted to Maddy, and he knows that she's a very nice person. He just wants her to be naughty, so he can give her a few Christmas spankings.