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The Captive One

(The first book in the Tales of the Magician series)
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Genre: BDSM Paranormal
Next Book: The Lost One

Julia Rafferty has it all, or does she? A successful archeologist, she has finally realized her dream of working on a dig in Egypt. Professionally, she's on top of the world. Personally, she battles self-esteem issues because of her weight and the fact that the man she wants doesn't want her.

Noble Walters is known for being one of the best archeologists in the field. He hand-picked his staff for the dig in Egypt and made sure that Julia was on board. He wants Julia for more than her archeological skills. Now he just has to convince her of that.

While the pair are working on the dig site, Nob discovers the house of Peneb-Ra, an evil magician that lived 2,500 years ago. Julia discovers a paddle doll, an ancient Egyptian tomb artifact that was used as a sexual companion to the deceased. What they learn, is that this paddle doll contains the spirit of Nebetta, a concubine to Pharaoh Ramesses III.

While Julia and Noble, with the help of his friend Derrick Mathers, try to find a way to free Nebetta from her prison, Peneb-Ra is searching for a body to inhabit. And he wants Nebetta for himself.

Noble helps Julia discover many things about herself and her sexuality, with help from Derrick and Nebetta. But while the trio is searching for a way to break the spell binding Nebetta to the paddle doll, Peneb-Ra's power is growing. A final face off will determine all of their fates. Or will it?

Publisher's Note: This book contains elements that may be offensive to some readers: menage and BDSM sexual practices.