book cover of The Pirate Wench

The Pirate Wench

A novel by

When Melani Canton travels to Florida to be maid-of-honor at her best friend's wedding, she takes on an extra duty: taking a good look at Ahoy, Matey, the pirate- themed park where the wedding is set to take place, and writing a story that will attract visitors. While there, she meets handsome swashbuckler, Royce McKenna. Royce is a former lawyer who has given up the courtroom for life on the high seas, amusement park style. McKenna is the co-owner of Ahoy, Matey. When Royce sees Melani he knows that he has to have her. Melani is not, however, the type to sleep with a man she has just met. So Royce does what any good pirate would do. He "abducts" Melani and gives her a wild night of passion on his pirate ship, where Melani discovers that being Royce's pirate wench isn't such a bad thing. But when the time comes for her to go back to her stoic life, will Royce let her sail off into the sunset? Or will he find a way to keep his Pirate Wench?

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