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I am an author of predominantly spanking-oriented romances. I have been writing and/or publishing under one name or another for over *cough* 20 *cough-cough* years. I am currently hard at work on the Masters of the Castle and Corbins Bend series, and a brand new, super-secret project with Blushing. Im looking forward to attending the RTConvention in Texas in 2015. So if youre going to be there too, by all means, stop by and say hi!
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Spanking Tails
   1. Spanking Tails I (2007)
   3. Spanking Tails III (2013)
   5. Spanking Tails V (2013)
Series contributed to
Masters of The Castle
   1. Holding Hannah (2013)
   2. Kaylee's Keeper (2013)
   3. Saving Sara (2013)
   4. Sweet Sinclair (2014)
   4. 5. Mira's Miracle (2014) (with Anastasia Vitsky)
   5. Chasing Chelsea (2014)
   6. Owning O (2015)
   7. Maddy Mine (2016)
   8. Seducing Sandy (2018)
   9. Wanting Winona (2020)
   When The Gavel Falls (omnibus) (2015) (with Abbie Adams, Darling Adams, Tabitha Black and Maggie Ryan)
   Ana Adored: Mistress of the Castle (2015) (with Anastasia Vitsky)
   Witness Protection Program (2018) (with Golden Angel, Tabitha Black, Katherine Deane, Raisa Greywood, Allysa Hart, Rayanna Jamison, Kate Richards, Piper Stone and BJ Wane)
   Daddies of the Castle (omnibus) (2019) (with Tabitha Black, Lesley Clark, Katie Douglas, Delia Grace, Allysa Hart, Rayanna Jamison, Pepper North and Adaline Raine)
   Embracing Eden (2019)
Black Light
   3. Valentine Roulette (omnibus) (2017) (with Jennifer Bene, Addison Cain, Livia Grant, Sophie Kisker, Renee Rose, Lee Savino and Measha Stone)
   7. Roulette Redux (omnibus) (2018) (with Jennifer Bene, Livia Grant, Jane Henry, Alta Hensley, Sue Lyndon, Renee Rose, Maggie Ryan and Measha Stone)
   10. Fearless (2018)
   12. Celebrity Roulette (omnibus) (2019) (with Jennifer Bene, Lesley Clark, Livia Grant, Sue Lyndon, Dani René, Renee Rose, Maggie Ryan and Measha Stone)
   17. Brave (2020)
   22. Wanted (2021)
   25. The Menagerie (2022)
Dad Bod Doms
   3. Ray (2020)
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