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Waking Sebastian

A novel by

BBW Michelle Anderson is coming off a bad breakup. To help fuel her creative juices, the author accepts a friend's invitation to visit her new home in Florida. When she arrives she finds her friend gone, leaving Michelle to work and explore the old home and the beach.

While taking an early morning swim, Michelle has an encounter with a gorgeous man she thinks is a new muse. But this muse is different than all her others. For one thing he'd not Charles, her current muse. For another, he's interested in Michelle, and not her heroine. Not that Michelle's complaining. This new muse provides powerful stimulation that make Michelle's senses roll. She's just sure exactly what's happening when he appears.

Placed under a voodoo spell, Sebastian Maddox has been asleep for 186 years. He wakes for one hour each morning, in time to see the sunrise. He thinks the beautiful woman he fins on the beach is a figment of his imagination. Until he touches her and finds out she's very real. Once he convinces her he's not crazy, he's more than happy to share his morning sojourns with her. But he wants more, and he knows she does, too.

Can Michelle help break the spell and wake Sebastian?