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Garden of Stone

A novel by

Trapped for one hundred twenty-one years... in a garden of stone.

In 1887, Ursel Seagrove wanted nothing more than to save her lover from an evil warlock. Ogden Butcher was stealing the powers of witches and warlocks in Victorian England, and Ursel's lover was determined to stop him. Instead, he was killed and she was trapped in stone.

For years, Remington Chase has fantasized about the manor, using its creepy garden as a playground for his fertile imagination. Now, armed with the deed to the house, the best-selling horror novelist can't wait to use the setting for his next book. He's drawn to the statues and one in particular. The stone woman is everything he's ever dreamed about. When Remington comes across a strange book of spells, his words bring Ursel back to life and she steals his heart with a single kiss. Unable to let his dream woman go, he vows to join her in a dangerous search to destroy Ogden before the warlock can strike again.

Ursel never expected Remington to help her on her quest. Something in the man calls to her, makes her feel things she never thought possible again. It's almost like she already knows him...