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Searching for Pandora

A novel by

India Davis' best friend, Pandora, has disappeared. Pandora is an exotic dancer and the police are less than interested in finding out what happened to her. In an effort to kick-start the investigation, India takes a job at Shadowlands, the club where Pandora worked. She hopes that she can find out what happened to Pandora.

Drew Watkins owns Shadowlands. He knows that India is not your typical exotic dancer. He's very attracted to her, though, and gives her the job. Soon afterwards figures out that she's butting her nose into places it doesn't belong. After she breaks a few club rules, he decides to discipline her with a few spankings.

India enlists Drew's help in her investigation. They work together, and bad things start happening to India. Drew orders her to stop poking her nose into Pandora's disappearance. Will she listen to him, or will she continue to find trouble while she searches for her friend?

This story has LOTS of hardcore sexual scenes including oral sex and threesomes, and BDSM elements such as consensual and non-consensual spanking.