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Garnet Strength

(The second book in the Pentagram Stones series)
A novel by

All his life, Jalon has known of the triads, three people fated to be together as protector of the sacred pentagram stones. The three are sexual partners as well as guardians, and are fated to be eternal lovers.

Jalon Carr isn't attracted to men, or at least he says he isn't. But the more time he spends with sexy faerie Cian and his female counterpart, Gelsey, his resolve begins to weaken. With one mind-blowing kiss, Cian breaks Jalon's resolve and the three become one. Now they must strengthen their bond while they hunt for the stone, hidden somewhere in Rome.

Now all they have to do is fight the evil witch Matlyn, who wants them dead before they can get their hands on the garnet stone.