Aaron Travis

A pseudonym used by Steven Saylor

.AARON TRAVIS's first erotic story appeared in 1979 in Drummer magazine. The dozens of stories and short novels he produced over the next fifteen years received extravagant praise from readers and critics. Susie Bright called "Blue Light" "perhaps the most fantastic supernatural erotic thriller ever written," and Michael Bronski declared the gladiator novel SLAVES OF THE EMPIRE "a high point of gay male writing in the second half of the twentieth century." His story "The Hit" (included in the short novel KIP) was voted the #1 erotic story of the decade by readers of Susie Bright's Best American Erotica series.

Born in Texas, Travis now lives in California. He stopped writing erotic fiction in the early 1990s and moved on to another career. The paperback editions of his work are now expensive collector's items, but all the Aaron Travis stories were made available in new Kindle editions in 2012.
Aaron Travis Erotic Library
1. Blue Light (2012)
2. Slave (2012)
3. Crown of Thorns (2012)
4. Beirut (2012)
5. Eden (2012)
6. Wrestling Tales (2012)
7. Slaves of the Empire (1992)
8. Kip (2012)
9. Short, Brainy & Hot (2012)
10. Military Discipline (2012)
11. Wild West (2013)
12. Kudzu and Other Stories (2012)
13. In the Blood (1995)
14. Raw (2012)
15. No Shades of Gray (2012)
Exposed (1993)
Tag Team Studs (1997) (with Clay Caldwell)
Anthologies edited
QSF x 2 (1995) (with Lars Eighner)