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(The eighth book in the Aaron Travis Erotic Library series)
A Novella by

The #1 erotic story of the decade.*

The short novel KIP was originally published in three parts. "The Hit" introduces Kip, a submissive young room service waiter whose downward spiral begins when he falls into the clutches of a ruthless hit man, Vince Zorio. In "Vice," Kip finds himself at the mercy of Karl Fagan, a sadistic vice cop known as "The Punisher." In the final chapter, "The Big Shot," Kip's abuse at the hands of a powerful, corrupt politician drives him even deeper into an abyss of shame and degradation.

Susie Bright, Salon: "'The Hit'" isn't just a hot episode, it's a crime story [that] owes as much to films like THE UNTOUCHABLES and the unsparing viciousness of Martin Scorcese's movies as it does to THE STORY OF O... By the time I panted my way to the last page of Mr. Big's blowout, my heart was pounding, and it wasn't because I'd had an orgasm. I felt aroused though, in a weird mix of sex, fright and amazement. Damn, what a good yarn!"

Adam Begley, New York Observer: "Mr. Travis may have no higher ambition than to assist a vigorous S&M stroke, but his detached tone and his refusal to explain or justify his characters' behavior is most refreshing - if we dare call a long night of sexual torture refreshing."

Publisher's Weekly: "For those who like it dangerously rough."

* "The Hit" was voted the #1 erotic story of the decade by readers of Susie Bright's Best American Erotica series.

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