book cover of Kudzu and Other Stories

Kudzu and Other Stories

(Book 12 in the Aaron Travis Erotic Library series)
A collection of stories by

Nine stories from Aaron Travis, the master of gay erotica, penned during the fertile period when Travis was, in the words of John Preston, “chronicling the sexual exploits of an entire generation.”

This collection finds Travis in literary mode. Is this “gay lit” or is it “smut”? Or can a story be both? Poignant tales of sexual healing vie with sordid accounts of sexual conquest to see which can get the biggest rise from the reader.

Included are two stand-out stories about temptation, cruelty, and choice: “Getting Timchenko” and “Kudzu.”

Lars Eighner: “‘Getting Timchenko’ is the finest thing I have read in years, possibly ever. The only thing wrong with it is the byline isn’t mine.”

cbtboyuk at “I am frequently horrified by the things I find erotic. But that is precisely what fantasy is, is it not? Aaron Travis’ ‘Kudzu’ is horrifying. In real life, it would be unthinkable…I’ve had to buy a number of copies though.”

Also included: “Big Dick: The Interview,” “Body Beautiful,” “Bully,” “Exposed,” “Jonah and the Whale,” “Body Shop,” and “Pillow Talk.”

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