book cover of In the Blood

In the Blood

(Book 13 in the Aaron Travis Erotic Library series)
A novel by

Someone... or some thing... is stalking the beautiful men of San Francisco. One by one, they fall victim to a seductive but malevolent force that penetrates their darkest fantasies, steals their very essence, and leaves only a shell behind. When the son one of San Francisco's most powerful men falls prey to The Beast, a private investigator with a tarnished past is called in to track down the killer - at the risk of becoming yet another willing victim.

At 25, Aaron Travis set out to write the erotic vampire story to end all erotic vampire stories. Circumstances intervened, and IN THE BLOOD was never completed. But the substantial fragment that remains is fraught with enough psychosexual fireworks to inspire a dozen Masters theses - and at least that many orgasms. Vividly written and searingly erotic, IN THE BLOOD anticipated America's cultural preoccupation with the "erotic vampire," exploring the deepest recesses of this obsession with a frankness few authors would dare.

Newly revised by the author for the Kindle edition.

Max Marra, Babilonia (Italy): "Travis is a very personable young writer, with a wholesome air and a ready smile that betray no outward sign of his capacity for spinning such contorted and corrosive fantasies."

Susie Bright: "When people ask me what great erotic literature is, I say: It's a matter of taste - and memory. But if you are looking for expert craft, you couldn't go wrong with Henry Miller... Pauline Reage's 'Story of O'... Aaron Travis...They take my breath away."

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