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An anthology of erotic stories. - A volume of essential Travis tales, each providing a unique glimpse of the horny gay male in his natural environment. Cops, college jocks, ancient Romans - even Sherlock Homes and his loyal Watson - cruise these pages, fresh from the throbbing pen of one of our hottest authors. Excerpt - The apartment is small and cramped, a single room with a curtain that divides the kitchen from the rest. The bed is a fold out sofa, the sheets rumpled and dirty. The threadbare carpet is strewn with socks and underwear, and newspapers, and crumpled cigarette packs. Ted thinks of the condo he shares with Mike back in L.A. The piano, the skylight, the patio with a view of the ocean.... Then he can think of nothing but the here and now, as Jimmy steps away from him and leans against the counter, planting his feet wide apart, arching his back, edging forward with his crotch. His eyes narrow, looking down at Ted with something like contempt. Jimmy runs his eyes over his crotch, preening like a teenager, erect with his own excitement. He unbuttons his fly, pulls the zipper down over the bulge within. "C'mon. You want it don't you?"