book cover of The Great Prank

The Great Prank

A novel by

Brandy just turned eighteen and it`s her last year at St. Walburga`s Catholic High School. Soon, Brandy Smith and Nellie Goodman will pass out of the spotlight of notoriety that they`ve inhabited for the past four years and into the oubliette of obscurity. Unless, that is, they can pull off the Big One...the Great Prank that will set the standard for all eternity and make their names immortal in the annals of St. Walburga`s. All Brandy has to do is come up with an idea...oh, and carry it off under the eagle eye of the Mother Superior and her paddle, known as `The Board of Education`...not to mention avoiding any further `corrective measures` at the hands, or rulers or switches, of the new Science teacher...and of course, she has to do whatever she`s doing before her elusive and as-yet-identified rival can out-prank her.

Oh, it`s going to be a good year.

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