book cover of Jinxie\'s Orchids

Jinxie's Orchids

A novel by

Levina "Jinxie" Wainwright knows there's more to life than copying file cards in the tombs of her fiance's museum. What she doesn't know is what that 'more' might be.

While unpacking a crate shipped from the Amazon, she finds a strange flower smashed in amongst the packing leaves. One of the best amateur botanists in Boston, when Levina can't readily identify the orchid, she knows she's found something special, something previously unknown to science, something that could help prove she's more than just a jinx. All she has to do is journey to the Amazon, find more of these strange orchids and bring them home again.

What could possibly go wrong?

Jaguars, caimans and headhunters, oh my... Jinxie's Orchids is a 47,890 word historical romance that features spanking, interracial sexual situations, and some naked romping through the jungle. If you are uncomfortable with such content, please do not purchase this book. You have been warned.

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