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The Suffragettes

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'Come stay with me while your parents tour Europe,' Alice had said. 'It will be fun,' she'd said. Little did Sadie O'Brien know, but in the years since she'd last seen her childhood friend, Alice had become a tireless champion for the Suffragette's Movement in New York City of 1912. And naturally, Sadie was swept along each time her friend's passions ran away with her, for if Alice's husband could not control her, despite his diligent efforts in the time-honored ways of discipline, what chance did Sadie have? And as if battling for Women's Rights and against Child Labor was not enough to fill her Summer's dance card, there was also Mac McCade, newly emerged from her past and annoyingly determined to win Sadie's affection at any cost to her ideals, her heart... or her bottom.

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