book cover of Learn to Please a Succubus

Learn to Please a Succubus

(The sixth book in the Happy Endings Dungeon series)
A novel by

Is it really safe for a Dungeon Lord to have a succubus as his assistant?

Supreme Dungeon Lord Heraxon's scheme to kill Dungeon Lord Alfie Ivanhoe has been thwarted and Alfie has returned to the Happy Endings Dungeon. If Alfie wants to satisfy the guests of the dungeon, he must rely on his new succubus assistant Dezzy to fill in for the grievously injured Myssandra. But what does Dezzy have in store for Alfie? And will Alfie's thief friend Luisa help him when he needs it most?

Alfie asks his new succubus assistant to take over when a deep elf princess shows up in the dungeon looking for trouble. Dezzy gladly teaches the sadistic elf a thing or two about obedience and plays the sort of sensual shapeshifting tricks that only a succubus can pull off. Meanwhile, with Princess Josephine crusading against the dungeons and Lord Heraxon preparing for war, Alfie has a lot on his mind. He's recovering from his injuries at the claws of Lord Heraxon's killer. That same killer has left Myssandra in a strange fleshy cocoon. He decides to travel to Galabros and enlist Luisa's help to heal them both. The mountain town is turning to a vacation destination for bold beauties coming to visit the dungeon and Alfie has to fight off autograph requests just to talk to the new queen of the thieves in Galabros.

Luisa helps Alfie, but there is only so much she can do for Myssandra and the price she demands is high: a threesome with Alfie and a monster. This is not an orc or even a demon. Luisa's tastes are unusual and she wants the Dungeon Lord to tie her up with a roper. Alfie indulges her, but if he's not careful, Luisa might just end up as roper food.

In an effort to rally the monsters and guests of the dungeon, Alfie holds a feast. The food, music, and pleasures bring out the best in everyone and naturally lead to a monstrous orgy. After drinking and dancing, Dezzy wants Alfie all for herself. But just what does she plan to do with him once she has him? Find out the answer to this and other kinky questions in the all new tale of the Happy Endings Dungeon!

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