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WARNING!!! if you've read my books before, you know what they're about. If you haven't, please know that they are intended for a mature audience and contain harems.

Tom lives a pretty ordinary life. Except, he keeps seeing things. Things that other people can't see. Like werewolves and demons. By chance, he happens to stumble upon a mysterious redhaired woman who knows a thing or two about these mysterious beings. According to her, he has angel blood in him. She sends him off to Angel Academy, where he must train and then pass a test before he can be anointed a Descendant.

Naturally, Tom is pretty eager to be a Descendant, gain his angelic powers and battle monsters and demons. The only problem is, Angel Academy is a bizarre place with naked men and women known as the Cursed serving out life sentences to avoid Hell.

Unfortunately, Tom knows one of the Cursed from a previous life. Will he suck it up and be a Descendant, or will he risk it all for the Cursed girl he knows and fancies?

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