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Gang Girl

A novel by

Newly illustrated with 15 stark gangland images.

Gang Girl is about Lora Menotti, 18, a deb in the Scarlet Sinners in the Bronx in 1959. Her family has moved to a Manhattan lower east side project, so she needs to roll with a new gang: the Cougars. She knows the moves. She dresses in a tight sweater and tight jeans and goes to the soda fountain where the Cougars hang, finds the leader of the pack, seduces him, has his deb kicked out, and is instantly the No. 1 girl. The Prez wants to carve his initails in her flesh so she seduces another Courgar to fight him for leadership.

Lora doesn't have much ambition but to get high on reefer, drink cheap wine, have sex, and get into fights. Her goal is to become a syndicate call girl, where former debs she knew can help set her up. She will live the good life then: she figures why not get paid well for what she gives out for free and likes?

She feels she can manipulate the Cougars into anything - from gang banging ("lining up") a girl she doesn't like to getting into a big rumble for no reason other than to inflict violence. She secretly enjoys her power, which she uses her body and looks to wield.

But she doesn't know the other debs, and the deb that was kicked out and the deb that was raped, have plans for her - to make sure she is never pretty again...

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