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A Gentleman Seduced

A novel by

For fans of Sylvia Day, from the author of the sizzling New York Times and USA Today Bestseller "The Club", comes an emotional and erotic story where "50 Shades of Grey" meets Jane Austen.

A relentless rake, determined to find pleasure at any cost...

Lucien Northcote, Viscount Pembroke has seen everything and done everything. Years of experimentation and decadence have left him seeking more and more extreme pleasures to find his satisfaction.

The last thing he expected was to be bewitched by an innocent. But there is just something about the masked figure watching the carnal games at Madam Ivory's from the shadows. Her keen interest belies her maidenly blushes, and he wants nothing more than to rip the mask from this mysterious beauty, along with the rest of her clothing.

An innocent who longs for something more...

Virginal but adventurous Diana Tiverton longs for one night of sexual exploration before being shackled to the marriage bed, and her dull fiance, for life. Disguising herself, she escapes into her notorious courtesan sister's shadow world of carnal pleasure and sexual vice.

A secret contract between lovers...

Lucien offers Diana her chance at sexual adventure. Spend three days in his home, where he will introduce her to every exotic sensual pleasure under the sun. But before their few days of wicked passion are up, Lucien finds to his shock that he is becoming... A Gentleman Seduced.

(Note: A Gentleman Seduced was originally published through Ellora's Cave Publishing, and is reissued by Sharon Page.)

"Sharon Page is a lady to watch out for. Her writing style is sharp, sexy and will seduce you from the first page." - Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"Witty, wicked and wonderful... " - Romantic Times BOOKreviews

An excerpt from A Gentleman Seduced:

Heart hammering, Diana let her dress fall to the ground. She wore a low cut demi-corset over her petticoats and a gossamer-fine shift. He untied the stays with swifter precision than her lady's maid.

"Lucien... "

"Yes, pet?" He unhooked her corset and dropped it to the rug.

"Do you intend to join me in the bath?"

"Yes. But not tonight. That is an adventure for tomorrow."

Her petticoats fell to the floor with a rustle. She stepped out of them, kicking them aside. She reached down for her garters.

"Shift first." He caught her hands. "I like to look at a woman wearing only stockings, garters, and shoes."

She did as he asked. As her shift came free of her hair, she realized she was - for all intents and purposes - naked.


There was a raw, honest, heart-felt quality in his voice that left her breathless.

"Turn around."

She pirouetted, his gaze as intimate as a caress. When her bottom faced him again, he put his hands lightly on her hips. "Stop there. Now bend, my pet, and remove your shoes and stockings."

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