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Kiss of the Wolf

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Passion In Any Form Thorn Ferrell is a courier for the new American Secret Service, entrusted with carrying a secret message into Rumania in the dead of winter. It would be impossible for anyone to pass the Carpathian Mountains, but not Thorn, for she is also a werewolf. Settling into a deep cave for the night, she senses something else there in the dark . . . something not quite human, something that provokes both fear and a primal lust. And then he appears-tall, sensual, predatory, with black eyes and a body of carved beauty . . . As a vampire, Yaroslav is used to hunting for prey. But the beautiful naked woman who emerges from the wolf's form arouses a far different hunger. She is his equal in power, sensual skill, and carnal appetite. If he cannot tame her, he can certainly pleasure her. As they spend the night taking each other to new heights of raw need and unimaginable bliss, Yaroslav experiences something new, a desire so deep he will do anything to keep his new lover by his side forever . . . Praise for the sizzling novels of Morgan Hawke "If you want an exciting, fast paced and uniquely carnal love story, Hungry Spirits is the book for you" -Just Erotic Romance Reviews on Hungry Spirits (Gold Star Award! Heat Level: Orgasmic) "Spellbinding from the first paragraph . . " -Just Erotic Romance Reviews on Torrid (Five stars, Heat Level: Orgasmic) "Writing is more than my passion - it's my obsession"