book cover of Tainted Purity

Tainted Purity

(The first book in the Fallen Gods series)
A novel by

There is nothing worse than a goddess who doesn't know she is one. Eternal life, powers so strong they can change a man's existence, are hidden from Bridget, lost in centuries of forgotten memories. Bridget Down has a good life-working in her shop, selling her crafts to local stores as well as donating them to the orphanage where she grew up. Other than the occasional pangs of loneliness that pass through her, she has no complaints. Well, almost no complaints. But something is missing in the jigsaw puzzle of her life, and it isn't just the hot and sweaty sex she dreams of and yearns for. When a mysterious man follows her, setting her pulse racing and hormones pumping, he forces her to remember a life she could never have imagined, a passionate and fiery love she could never have dreamed of, and a fight for her life that takes her to the pits of a hell where all her strength and newfound powers are needed to survive and overcome. Braze, the strong and relentless lover who claimed her on an altar on a planet far away, long, long ago, has finally found her. This time, whether she likes it or not, he won't let her go. The battle for Bridget has begun.

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