book cover of Hunger of the Wolf

Hunger of the Wolf

(The first book in the Sovereign Nation series)
A novel by

As an electro-kinetic high on the government's list of desirables, Shilo's been on the run ever since she escaped their clutches. What she doesn't realize is that her psychic gift is also the lure that draws lycans to her, that the 'scent' of her gift is many times more seductively potent to them even than the scent of one of their own females in heat. In pursuit of a troublemaking rogue pack on his territory, when Dante, prime alpha, stumbles upon Shilo he finds her absolutely irresistible, despite the fact that she's human and forbidden to him according to lycan law. If she'd been lycan, he would've been certain she was the life mate he'd never thought to find. What he's to do with her, he has no idea, but he knows what he wants to do, and as soon as he discovers that, as a psychic, she isn't off limits, he and his pack are grimly determined to claim her for their own. Rating: Carnal, adult situations, adult language, and multiple sexual partners.

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