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Submissive Angel

A Novella by

Two novellas under one cover! A M/m romance to celebrate the Christmas season...

Snowflakes don't make a sound. Just like a first kiss...

Part One: When Robert found Ange bleeding in an alley, he employed him in his vintage toy store as an act of charity. Months later, as Christmas approaches, he still has many unanswered questions about Ange, but one thing is clear. The eccentric young dancer is determined to offer his thanks-and himself-to teach a brokenhearted Master how to open his heart to love again.

Part Two: Yet even as Robert embraces Ange's eager submission to him, the mystery of Ange remains. Something nearly destroyed him and his ability to cope in the outside world, long before he arrived broken in Robert's alley. Robert resolves he will find out the truth and help his sub heal. Ange brought light to Robert's life again; as a true Master, Robert will make sure the power of their bond heals them both.

NOTE: Part One was originally released in 2012 as part of an anthology. Now this re-release includes that original story, plus 170 more pages of content in Part Two, offering the REST of Robert and Ange's story.