book cover of Jessie\'s New Toy

Jessie's New Toy

A Novella by

Jessie and Brooke are two beautiful girls who are jaded and bored with life despite not yet being twenty. School is in the past. The present is low-paying, boring part-time jobs. The future, well, who cared? Wandering through the desolate ruins of Northern Michigan's empty factories Jessie decides to initiate a wickedly playful game of bondage and dominance with the tall, beautiful, blonde. Brooke is shocked by the excitement, passion, and pleasure Jessie creates in her mind. She's never seriously considered sex with girls before, but Jessie's dark fantasy game of submission thrills some hidden part of her so much she lets herself be seduced by her perverted boss - with Jessie's help!

Brooke has always been the one in charge in their friendship. It's an edgy thrill to submit to Jessie's haughty demands! The fantasy of her submission changes her whole perception of sex! But she can't help thinking of how much wilder and more thrilling it would be to be dominated by a man. They decide to go to Chicago to see if they can turn her love of submission into real money. There they meet Mrs. Woodrow, who knows just how to monetize two sexy young things who don't have to fake their excitement while submitting to the demands of men and women alike!

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