book cover of Bound For Pleasure

Bound For Pleasure

(The third book in the Masters of Bondage and Depravity series)
A Novella by

When Eva is spirited away from her sister's NYC bachelorette party by a handsome stranger. The pair hit it off famously, however the man proves to be too good to be true. Things take a violent turn and Eva finds herself captive in an underground brothel.

Dominated over and over again by countless investors, Eva embraces her new role and for the first time in her life she is finally able to be truly submissive. She finds solace in an unlikely friend and life doesn't seem too unbearable. But when

When outside forces threaten to ruin this new life forever, can Eva at least hang onto the one person who can truly fulfill her desires?

Bound For Pleasure is an erotic tale of depravity full of explicit scenes of sexual degradation, rough sex and BDSM. Join Eva in this world of strong, commanding, dominant male's and sex-crazed masters in Volume 3 of the Masters of Bondage and Depravity Series.

Read on for a small taste of what's inside:

"Poor thing is shaking," said the tenor, stepping toward Eva. She felt a hand beneath her chin, cupping it. She resisted its pressure, eliciting a laugh from the man. "You can look up. Good Girl for following directions."

She brought her eyes up to meet the man's and gasped. He was practically golden. Blonde curls fell about his head, his skin was tanned the perfect shade to match. Even his eyes had rings of gold around the pupils. He was absolutely breathtaking, and Eva could only see his face so far.

"You're beautiful," she breathed, and the man laughed, beckoning the other man to stand beside him. The second man moved into Eva's range of view, stepping up beside his companion. They were like inverted images of each other. Where the first man was bright and golden, the second was pale and dark. His black hair was close-cropped, and his eyes seemed to be bottomless. Looking back and forth between them, Eva could hardly believe her luck. Talk about the best of both worlds.

The golden man lay a firm hand on her shoulder, guiding her toward the enormous mound of pillows in the corner of the suite. The dark man followed behind, running his fingers through her hair. Their silence was driving Eva wild. The mystery of them, their bizarre and mythic manner, was unearthly and enchanting. She felt like she was consorting with the gods. Or did, until the men shoved her forward, sending her sprawling out across the pillows, landing in a humiliating heap.

The men cackled above her, nudging her with kicks that were less playful than she had expected. She rolled with each sharp strike, wondering what on Earth they had in store for her. The dark man caught her by the hips and held her still, straddling her body. His fingers dug into her shoulders as he held her beneath him, gazing up in expectation.

"We've been told that you enjoy being taken," he hissed, grinning evilly. "It intrigued us. To meet a true submissive is rare. We have very specific needs, as men. When fucking a woman, we need her to feel ashamed."

"Humiliated," said the golden man, dropping down to his knees behind her and taking two handfuls of her hair. "Can you be humiliated, Good Girl?"

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