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Red Garnier

Red Garnier has found her passion in penning charged, soul-stirring romances featuring dark, tortured heroes and the heroines they adore. Nothing brings a smile to Reds face faster than a happy ending.

Red is married with two children and, though she travels frequently, likes to call Texas home.
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Devilish Games
   1. Spin Devil (2009)
   2. Spin it Again (2009)
   3. Spin Some More (2009)
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Billionaire's Club
   1. Claimed by Him (2013)
   2. Taken by Him (2013)
   3. Bound by Him (2013)
   4. Kept by Him (2013)
   5. Bared by Him (2013)
   6. Obsessed by Him (2013)
   Bona Fide Liar (2007)
   The Satin Sash (2009)
   Amatista (2009)
   Divine Assistant (2009)
   Seven Sinners (2009)
   The Feather (2010)
   Office Liaisons (2011)
   The Last Kiss (2011)
   Naughty Little Thief (2017)
   Moody Bastard (2017)
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Novellas and Short Stories
   Villain (2007)
   Stroke Of Midnight (2007)
   The Sheeman (2007)
   I Take Thee (2008)
   Color My Heart (2008)
   Caught (2015)
   Reckless and Yours (2015)
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