book cover of Enticed


(The fourth book in the Erotic Adventures of Jane in the Jungle series)
A Novella by

The fourth installment of Jane's erotic adventures in the jungle continue when she is held captive by villagers who believe she is a sex goddess. Her lover, Zaren, is deathly injured and Jane's only hope of survival is to submit to the attentions of the natives.

The episodes in this series in order are:
ENTWINED: Jane in the Jungle
ENTANGLED: An Unexpected Menage
ENTHRALLED: The Sex Goddess
ENTICED: An Erotic Sacrifice
ENAMORED: The Submissive Mistress
ENSLAVED (coming 2014)

**These episodes do not have to be read in order, although they do take place chronologically.**

Inspired by an erotica Tarzan and Jane scenario, filled with exotic and titillating scenes that edge into bondage, domination, and submission, the Jane in the Jungle series is for those who found Fifty Shades of Grey too tame and who miss the erotic classics The Story of O, Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty series, and the novels of Molly Weatherfield.

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