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Colette Gale

A pseudonym used by Colleen Gleason

Colette Gale is the pseudonym of a historical novelist. She lives in the midwest United States with her family and has seen Webber's Phantom of the Opera too many times to count.

Despite her familiarity with the musical, Colette was always horribly disappointed when Christine ended up choosing Raoul over the Phantom, every single time. She wished just once that Christine would have stayed with Erik!

Finally, she became convinced someone had to write about the real reason Christine left the man she loved. And what happened afterward. And so she did.
Seduced Classics
   1. Unmasqued (2007)
   2. Master (2008)
   3. Bound By Honor (2009)
Erotic Adventures of Jane in the Jungle
   1. Entwined (2013)
   2. Entangled (2013)
   3. Enthralled (2013)
   4. Enticed (2013)
   5. Enamored (2014)
   6. Enslaved (2014)
   7. Enraptured (2016)
   8. Enchanted (2017)
   9. Ensorcelled (2018)
   10. Envied (2020)
   The Erotic Adventures of Jane in the Jungle (2014)