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Lisa Cach describes her personal paradise as "...a pile of books, a plate of brownies, and the free time in which to enjoy them". Since her writing career began during snatched moments from work, the free time has become less and less as Lisa's books become more and more popular. Living in the Pacific Northwest on her childhood farm, Lisa has traveled extensively and managed to achieve degrees in english and psychology along with a very solid following amongst romance fans. She's loved romance novels since Junior High School, and at least now she doesn't have to worry about getting caught reading one.
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1,001 Erotic Nights
   1. Slave Girl (2014)
   2. Barbarian's Concubine (2014)
   3. Siren of Gaul (2014)
   4. Warlord's Captive (2015)
   5. Pleasure's Apprentice (2015)
   The Adventures of a Roman Slave (2015)
   6. Temptress Unbound (2016)
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