book cover of Triple Duty

Triple Duty

(The first book in the Spicy Why Choose Romances series)
A novel by

What if you didn’t have to pick between three hot air force men?

At my fiancé’s funeral, I hit rock bottom. My entire life burnt down with our home.
Then I meet Matt, Ben and Andy.
These three hot airmen tell me they had a pact to take care of me if anything happened to my fiancé.
I don’t believe them.
Don’t want to be taken care of by three hot men from the RAF.
Don’t want to let go of my grief.
Then I discover their secret. A room full of things I’ve only read about in Fifty Shades.
I freak.
But then my curiosity gets the better of me.
Three hot guys want to share me, tie me down, and teach me what they know.
They wait for me to be ready.
In this MFMM menage, these sexy military men are going to teach me that three heads are definitely better than one.
But then they get sent to Mozambique, and I get scared that something terrible has happened. When they don’t come back, my worst fears are realized.

Am I going to lose them all over again?

This is a fantasy romance between one girl and three guys. If you don’t like British English, menage, rope or submission, leave this book for the naughty ladies who do.

This full-length military menage is based on the short story Air Force Three.

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