book cover of Wicked Lord: Part One

Wicked Lord: Part One

(The first book in the Wicked Lord series)
A Novella by

Evil stalks Lady Beth, and only a dark and powerful creature of the night can save her.

Lady Beth never sleeps at night because evil lives with her. She spends her evenings forced to make the rounds in London society until dawn.

At a party far from home, she finds herself in danger. Her friend is lost and she must search the dark woods for find her. But there are predators in the woods, and soon she is being chased by a monster.

Lord Trinity Blacknall stalks the night hunting for rogue vampires that take human lives. He and his brothers demand order. But one night something calls to him which he has never felt before. And he finds a lady in grave danger from a beast he cannot name.

As he tries to save the lady, her blood taunts him with savage cravings, in ways he has never felt before, and it takes all his tremendous willpower to stay her savior and not become her attacker.

*This is the 1st installment of Wicked Lord; all 3 parts are finished
**New Cover

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