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Half My Age

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Age is just a number...

When I finally got my divorce from my harpy of an ex-wife, I couldn't believe my luck. I could finally bring my relationship with my new girlfriend, Steph, to the next level. The sex was fantastic, she made a ton of money, and I could see me spending the rest of my life with her. There was only one problem.


When Kayla came home from boarding school in France, I was responsible for entertaining her while Steph went to work for the day. Kayla only had two things in mind: a bottle of wine and sitting by the pool. That was just fine by me, but when she caught me checking her out, things got interesting. Even though she was half my age, she apparently thought I was as hot as I thought she was...

This 5000 word story features an older man and a young woman twenty years younger than him.

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