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Portia Da Costa is a multi-published British author of romance, erotic romance and erotic fiction. Her novels have been published by a variety of different houses, both in the US and the UK, and translated into many languages including German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian and Japanese. Best known for her many novels for the pioneering British erotica publisher Black Lace, her work has been praised for its intense character-driven sensuality and the vivid emotional depth. She enjoys writing books with contemporary, paranormal and occasionally futuristic settings, but her new great love is historical erotic romance. Long passionate about the Victorian era, her Ladies Sewing Circle stories span the late 1880s and early 1890s.

Portia has been writing for publication since 1990, and has had over twenty novels and 100 short stories published. She has contributed to many different short story anthologies and womens magazines. Following her long association with the sadly missed Black Lace, she has now established a new creative niche writing erotic/romantic short fiction for Harlequin.

In addition to her Harlequin writing, Portia is also proud to be associated with variety of publishers including Samhain Publishing and Carina Press.

As a self published author Portia is a member of the Walk on the Wild Side Books writers' collective.

Portia is a member of Romance Writers of America, the Passionate Ink RWA Chapter, the Romantic Novelists Association [UK] and the Society of Authors [UK].

Portia lives in the heart of West Yorkshire, UK, with her husband and her cats. When she's not writing she can be found reading, watching TV and movies, hanging out on Twitter, and enjoying online life in general. She was formerly a librarian and has also worked in local government.
   Gemini Heat (1994)
   Hotel Aphrodisia (1995) (as by Dorothy Starr)
   The Tutor (1995)
   The Devil Inside (1995)
   Midnight Starr (1995) (as by Dorothy Starr)
   Continuum (1996)
   The Stranger (1997)
   Gothic Blue (2000)
   Hotel of Love (2001) (as by Dorothy Starr)
   Shadowplay (2002)
   Designed for Sin (2003) (as by Dorothy Starr)
   Entertaining Mr Stone (2006)
   Suite Seventeen (2007)
   Hotbed (2007)
   Gothic Heat (2008)
   Wild in the Country (2008)
   In Too Deep (2008)
   Kiss It Better (2009)
   Far from Perfect (2012)
   Intimate Exposure (2012)
   Diamonds in the Rough (2013)
   Lessons and Lovers (2013)
   The Gift (2013)
   How to Seduce a Billionaire (2015)
   Master of the Game (2016)
   Beloved Nemesis (2018)
   Black Lace Omnibus (1994) (with Lisette Allen and Sara Hope-Walker)
   Black Lace Omnibus III (1996)
   Pleasure Bound / Playing the Game / Midnight Starr (2002) (as by Dorothy Starr)
   Lust Bites (2007) (with Kristina Lloyd)
   Magic and Desire (2008) (with Janine Ashbless and Olivia Knight)
   Risque Reunions (2009)
   Misbehaviour (2009) (with Janine Ashbless and Carrie Williams)
   Daring Interludes (2011)
   The Red Collection (2013)
   Delicious Pleasure (2018)
   In Love With Two Men (2018)
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Novellas and Short Stories
   Object of Desire (2007)
   Twice The Pleasure (2009)
   Second Time Around (2009)
   No Longer Forbidden (2009)
   The Efficiency Expert (2011)
   Glint (2011)
   Power of Three (2011)
   Wesley and the Sex Zombies (2011)
   A Touch of Heaven (2011)
   Another Chance (2011)
   Tempted By Two (2012)
   A Very Personal Assistant (2012)
   Fire and Ice (2013)
   His Private Dancer (2017)
   A Pretty Weird Bloke (2017)
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