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Forbidden Treasures

(A book in the Delicious Masters series)
A Novella by

~ Delicious Masters - when women meet the Doms of their dreams ~ 

Consists of FORBIDDEN TREASURES [10,000 words] plus a 650 word excerpt of IN SEBASTIAN'S HANDS.

When Alice Porter finds an old rattan cane and an Edwardian punishment diary at a curio market, she little realizes the erotic adventure that lies ahead. The seductive items fill Alice with dark, fevered daydreams of being dominated and punished by a severe, sexy master -- who just happens to look like her beloved husband Julian.

What Alice doesn't know is that Julian has fantasies too, and on seeing his wife with the cane and the diary, they've come to life after years of careful suppression. Julian *is* that severe, sexy master -- and to Alice's fear and delight, her wildest dreams are about to be brought to life in a dance of exquisite pain and pleasure.

Contains explicit scenes of erotic punishment games involving spanking and caning, with graphic language only suitable for adult readers.

"Old fashioned methods have a lot to recommend them," her husband went on, still fondling the menacing length of rattan, "What do you think, sweetheart?" He twirled it now, deftly and cleverly, as if the damned thing had been designed specifically for his fingertips.

"I think they probably worked... would work very well." Alice could hardly believe that she was speaking the words. She was effectively sealing her own fate at the hands of this exotic stranger who'd taken the place of her familiar beloved husband. This stern, breathtaking man, both forbidding and temporarily forbidden to her.

"In that case..." Julian nodded significantly, still twirling the cane.

*Oh God, it's so hard! So thin! It'll really hurt!*

Her eyes locked with Julian's, and they both looked down at the awesome object he was holding. It was such a plain thing yet latent with power.

"Oh no," he said, surprising her by setting the cane to one side, "I think we'll leave this little beauty for another time."

Julian shrugged, and Alice thought she saw a trace of trepidation. Was he unsure? Did he have just the same uncertainty and lack of experience that she did? For a moment, she wondered about her husband's past, and his secret urges that he'd never shared with her thus far. Had he done this before, played these games with a former lover? Or was it his first time too? If it was, he was clearly a natural, and she trusted him despite her fluttering fear.

"I think we'll start off with something a little simpler, eh? Come over here," he said, patting his denim-clad knee.

Alice crept across to him, and then paused a foot away, unable to look him in the eye any more. He dazzled her, and at the same time, she felt a whole new persona settling over her too. She hung her head and studied her toes, feeling more penitent than she ever had in her life; a miscreant facing retribution in the full knowledge that she had been sinful enough to deserve it. She shook, and bit back a moan when she felt her husband's hands on the waistband of her jeans, unfastening the button, then whizzing down the zip.

"And I think we'll have a bit less of this sort of thing from now on." With a little shrug of disapproval, he tugged at the jeans, then peeled them down her thighs. They were a snug fit, and they brought her skimpy knickers down with them, making her blush like fire. "I want to see you in pretty, feminine things a bit more often from now on. Skirts, slips, suspenders, nice, soft womanly knickers, lacy thongs... You should be able to afford plenty of new lingerie if you stop buying so much useless rubbish."

Without thinking, Alice clasped her hands before her, but in a swift move, Julian snared her wrists and pulled her towards him. "Now, now, no need to be so modest," he said briskly, "You know I've seen all this plenty of times before. Let's have you across my knee, shall we?"

You *have* done this before, haven't you?

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