book cover of I Married A Demon

I Married A Demon

(The third book in the Night Breeders series)
A Novella by

Maria is repeatedly woken up throughout the night by lucid sex dreams of a warm wet tongue sensually licking and kissing her inner thigh, inching closer and closer to her sweet spot and stopping just before she wakes. The sensation feels so real, she reaches down to feel her thighs are moist and her pussy is throbbing with desire. She eventually realizes that she is not dreaming after all, and that a sexy and mysterious creature is visiting her throughout the night.

Read on for a small taste of what's inside:
"You may command us on all matters of sex," he said, "and we may do you no harm, not that we ever intend such. We're demons of lust and perversion, not violence. Our sole purpose is to fuck the living daylights out of you and make you moan for more."
"Ah, indeed," it countered, and then grinned, before adding, "Can we give it a go? You can see my horn is bigger than those on my head, and even harder, so I'm certainly horny enough."
"Oh, come on," it said, in a pouting tone of voice. "You know you liked it when I was licking your hole for you."
"That's rather coarsely put," Maria said.
The creature shrugged, before saying, "We're not known for our delicacy of speech. You have to take or leave us pretty much as we are, I'm afraid."
"Do the others all look exactly like you?"
"Oh, now really! Do all you human women look alike? We're as much individuals as you are."
"So some of you might be very short and hairy?"
"You've been looking at too many medieval renditions of us, haven't you?" The demon asked, slyly. "You're ancient religious fanatics drew those, and they weren't meant to be flattering. They were meant to scare their women away from desiring us. So to answer your question, no, we aren't all the same, but we all look pretty damned, and I stress that word 'damned,' good. We come in ebony, white, brown, golden like me, red-toned, just about any colors you can imagine, and we have black, blond, brown, and red hair. Our penises differ in shape, and size, but none of us are small, and the same goes for our testicles. We can swing a bag at your pussy, believe me."
"Quite the variety," Maria murmured, and she began to breathe a little more quickly. For the first time, she thought this whole business might really have an upside to it.
"We're bred to breed women," he said casually, as if this were a piece of common knowledge. "Now, could we stow the chitchat and maybe get down to some serious fucking? It is my sole reason for existence, my raison d'être, if you will."
"I suppose..." she said, "but I like a little foreplay. I'm not really into that 'wham, bam, thank you, ma'am,' stuff."
"I assure you that neither are we incubi. We like to make love completely to a woman, for a long time, and in every way she may desire."
"Can you really experience love?"
He shrugged his shoulders, a nonchalant gesture. "Maybe not, but we can fuck like hell! I use the term 'hell' explicitly, and not loosely, by the way."
"Yes..." Maria was thinking hard and fast. "Very well," she said. "Let's give it a try, shall we?"
The creature gave her an impish grin, and then collapsed to his knees. "Dinner is served," he said with relish, as he bent forward. He grabbed her thighs with his golden hands, so warm to the touch, and gently separated them.
"Come to daddy," he said, as his dark eyes stared at her now exposed and so vulnerable vagina.
He buried his head there, so all Maria could see was the dark mass of curly locks, his two little horns. She felt his tongue, so very hot, so very invasive, licking her pussy. Immediately, she reacted by shoving her hips down toward him more, pushing her vagina at that tongue, grinding her pussy against his mouth.
He flicked his tongue lightly over the lips of her pussy, invaded the sensitive folds of flesh there. Then, his lips closed on her clitoris, massaging and kneading it, even as his wicked tongue flicked in and out, played with her clit, teased and inflamed the nerve endings there.

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