book cover of The Beast\'s Breeding Chamber 4

The Beast's Breeding Chamber 4

(A book in the Overlord's Depraved Tales series)
A Novella by

Candace, Mackenzie, and Sydney invite three strange men to party on their Amsterdam boat-hostel. The men turn into savage beasts and take the girls to the lair of their depraved Underlord. Candace is pure in the Underlord's eyes, a ripe young human female to satisfy his dark needs. Will the girls survive captivity in this horrible sex dungeon, and at what cost will their lives be spared?

Read on for a small taste of what's inside:

The monster threw his head back in ecstasy, elated by his charge’s tight pussy. He fucked her with the ferocity of a man in a desert lapping from an oasis. He wasn’t leaving anything, Sydney knew, and would finish her off before this was over. She raked her fingernails over his chest, hoping to deter him, but his skin was as hard as diamond. He was indestructible, she realized. Her lowly, human body was no match for hard, immortal coil. How could she ever hope to survive this? How would she ever come out on top when faced with a monster like this?

The creature fell onto his forearms over Sydney’s body, and she shivered at the proximity of his freezing body. It was as though he was sucking all the residual warmth from her body, robbing her of her life-sustaining heat. As he leered over her, his hard cock pressed tantalizingly against her clit, and she wrapped her arms around his this torso, quivering with pleasure, fear, and cold. Her head spun as she felt herself edging toward orgasm in his horrible place, under this beast of a man. And yet, despite it all, the waves of pleasure lapped against her.

He caught on, and positioned himself expertly above him. With a quick thrust of the hips, Sydney’s clit erupted with sensation that spread throughout her freezing, broken body. She came onto the discarded fur, falling back against the ice and squirming with pleasure. The monster began to work himself with quick thrusts deeper into her, and Sydney could see his features begin to knot themselves into that silent, howling mask of orgasm. He may have been a monster, but in that one particular way, it seemed, all men were ultimately the same. At least in Sydney’s experience.

Through the dizzy haze of pleasure and pain, Sydney trained her eyes on the creature’s face. She knew that he would persist until he came, but she didn’t know how much longer she could hold out. In a last ditch effort to save her life, Sydney wrapped her hands around his firm, smooth ass and pulled him ever-deeper into her. The pain was terrific as his cock pressed into previously untouched parts of her body, but the monster gasped with joy. He pressed his cold cheek against hers, brought his lips down to her throat as she pulled him in as far as she could.

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