book cover of Princess to Pleasure Slave

Princess to Pleasure Slave

Goblins Edition
(The first book in the Princess to Pleasure Slave series)
A Novella by

**Each installment in this series is standalone! Pick up and read anywhere!**

Princess Helena di Quista was born to leisure and destined for court life and marriage to a rich merchant. When her family's castle is sacked by barbarians, the spoiled princess escapes into the woods to shelter until she can be rescued. But Helena is discovered by a goblin hunter who introduces her to mating season before taking her back to the tribe to meet the king of the goblins. Will she resist the goblins or will she give in to pleasure and serve their savage king?

The Princess to Pleasure Slave series introduces young women of means and good-breeding, usually innocent, to savage monsters with depraved desires. In the embrace of these creatures they discover the limits of their own lust. Some will give in to lust and some will use their wiles to get what they truly desire. Each edition includes an epilogue with a steamy conclusion.

The Goblins Edition is
13,000+ words of hot goblin lust. It includes woodland rutting, public humiliation, sensual lesbian bondage, submission, impregnation, and a massive monster gangbang that could decide the fate of a kingdom.

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