book cover of Savage Lust of the Orc Gladiator

Savage Lust of the Orc Gladiator

(The first book in the Princess to Pleasure Slave Chronicles series)
A Novella by

A new Princess to Pleasure Slave saga begins following the events of "Escape the Island of Eldritch Lust"!

Mina Gloveless is the daughter of a wealthy owner of orc pit fighters. She has watched her father's orcs slaughter each other in the arena since she was a young girl, but she has grown into a woman and become attached to a quiet and dangerous orc called Ghostheart. Slipping into the pens where the fighters are kept beneath the arena, she tends to Ghostheart's battle wounds and reveals her attraction. Can this forbidden lust lead to anything other than trouble for her family? As Mina's desire grows, her mother forces Ghostheart to perform indecent acts at a party and Mina's father enrolls the orc in a dangerous bout.

But something more is afoot than just Mina's attraction to Ghostheart. Her desire entangles her in a web of danger that may cost her family more than their fortune and may transform the young and beautiful Mina from a princess to a pleasure slave.

Princess to Pleasure Slave Chronicles (Book One): Savage Lust of the Orc Gladiator is a 15,000+ word fantasy depiction of life, death, and lust in the fighting pits of Istanov. It features intense erotic scenes and is intended for adults only!

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