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Joanna Wylde is the secret identity of an international library spy who has travelled the world in search of exactly the right book to read. Despite her endless efforts, she's still seeking the Ultimate Story - a story so powerful, so incredible that time itself stops while it's being read, kittens spontaneously spring forth from rainbows, and unicorns bow their heads in praise. Joanna's hobbies include manatee wrestling (six time north Idaho champion), arguing about the pros/cons of the Oxford comma and refusing to accept that Chicago style should trump AP.
Reapers MC
   1. Reaper's Property (2013)
   2. Reaper's Legacy (2014)
   3. Devil's Game (2014)
   4. Reaper's Stand (2014)
   5. Reaper's Fall (2015)
   6. Reaper's Fire (2016)
   6.5. Shade's Lady (2017)
   Rome's Chance (2018)
   Eli's Triumph (2019)
Silver Valley
   1. Silver Bastard (2015)
   2. Fathomless (2016)
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   Wicked Wishes (2003) (with Stephanie Burke)
   Wylde Stories (2007)
   Glamorous Garnet (2009) (with Evangeline Anderson, Ann Cory, Sierra DaFoe, Karen Erickson and Elaine Lowe)
   Getting Even (2015) (with Cathryn Fox and Charlene Teglia)
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Anthologies edited
   Taken (2003) (with Jaid Black and Shelby Morgen)
   Asking for It (2008) (with Elisa Adams and Kit Tunstall)