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An anthology of stories edited by

Three erotic tales of romance set in the distant future... 

Dementia by Jaid Black: Dee Ellison is catapulted from earth and ends up in a mysterious alien world reminiscent of Planet of the Apes. The males of the planet, she soon discovers, keep human females as sex slaves. More terrifying yet, the Alpha Male of the Hoard is hot on Dee's trail... 

Dragon's Mistress by Joanna Wylde: Dani is a pleasure worker, not a spy. But when her Guild calls on her to infiltrate Lord Drake Van'hot's palace, she's willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish her mission. Even if it means becoming the Dragon's Mistress. 

Too Hot To Handle by Shelby Morgen: Jarla is a professional - A Bounty Hunter - and one of the best in the business. She's also a seeker of pleasure. The two have never interfered with each other...until now. She's hot on the trail of Thallin, a rogue Barbarian. But there's more to her quarry than she ever expected...

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