book cover of Surrender to Me

Surrender to Me

(The third book in the Virginia Bluebloods series)
A novel by

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For six months, Shea Murphy has been moving from city to city, attempting to distance herself from her failure as both a sub and wife following her husband's suicide. With the loss of her Master's strict discipline to keep her obsessive compulsive disorder under control, she's finally driven to seek relief with another Dom. Entering The Warehouse, she has but one purpose, and that is to leave with a sore bottom which would relieve the unbearable stress - at least long enough to get her to her next destination, wherever that may be. She has absolutely no desire for anything from this incredible Dominant other than punishment, and fights with everything she has against revealing the true demons tormenting her so. However, after two sessions with Master Fin, her urge to flee Richmond subsides and she takes a temporary job at a restaurant.

Fin O'Dell returns after a week out of town to find the sub he couldn't forget is now his newest employee. Catching her stressing in his kitchen after closing, his quick response of another blistering spanking gives her the relief she needs. Loving all women, Fin has happily played the field for years. He's never found it difficult to send a submissive on her way after he's helped her discover what she desires. But now the feisty lady sharing his home has him wondering if he, like his friends, has finally found the one woman who would capture his heart forever. As much as he is falling for Shea, he can not go further until she has learned to trust him in all ways. If that takes several trips over his lap or bound to apparatus at The Warehouse, so be it.

As Shea succumbs to Fin as a Master a little more each day, she struggles with her perceived guilt over her husband's suicide, refusing to believe Fin's insistence Gerard was not the man - or the Dom - she thought he was. When the truth comes out, she's forced to ask herself: has she waited too long to trust Fin? Or will just one simple word be enough to put the past behind her and give herself without reservation to her new Master?

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