book cover of Innocence Examined

Innocence Examined

(The first book in the Victorian Correction series)
A novel by

Sir Gerald is having great difficulties with Caroline, his eighteen-year-old ward. He has always shielded Caroline from the truth about what men and women do behind closed doors, but now she has become much too curious for her own good, to the point where he must punish her repeatedly for hiding in closets in an attempt to witness the pleasures he takes with his mistress.

At his wit's end, Sir Gerald calls upon the services of Dr. Reginald Brown and his colleague Dr. James Fairleigh. After a thorough, intimate examination, the physicians decide that it is time for Caroline to become acquainted with the pleasures a man can bring a woman. Instead of marrying her off to someone who won't give her the freedom Sir Gerald can afford, the men decide that Dr. Fairleigh will personally oversee Caroline's erotic education.

After she is made to observe Sir Gerald's couplings for the first time, however, Caroline's wide-eyed innocence stirs Dr. Fairleigh far more than he would have thought possible. When she implores him to take care of her, the young doctor finds himself promising that he will. Before he knows it, she has utterly claimed his heart, and he can't imagine her being given to anyone else. But can he rescue Caroline from Sir Gerald's plans for her before it is too late?

Publisher's Note:Innocence Examined is the first book of the Victorian Correction series. The books of the Victorian Correction series are stand-alone works which can be read in any order. Innocence Examined includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

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