book cover of Naughty Victoriana

Naughty Victoriana

An Anthology of Victorian Erotica
An anthology of stories edited by

When one thinks of the late 19th century, images of prim and proper women and stiff-upper-lipped gentlemen strolling down the street cane in hand comes to mind. What one does not realize is that while things may have been so in public, in private it was another story. The Victorians produced tons of erotic, or just plain pornographic, literature - much of which would shock even today's audience. Spanking and incest were their favorite subjects, but anything was fair game.

Ten of the best and rarest of these novels are contained in this volume. In addition to that, there is one appendix, "A brief History of Priapus."

Table of Contents:

The Romance of Lust

Laura Middleton: Her Brother and Her Lover

Forbidden Fruit


A Night in a Moorish Harem

The New Ladies' Tickler

The Memoirs of Dolly Morton

The Lustful Turk

The Power of Mesmerism

Venus in India

Appendix: A Brief History of Priapus

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