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Timeless Passions

(Book 19 in the Secrets series)
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Lucy Chambers loves life in her historic house on the rugged Cornish coast. In fact, the only thing that would make her life better is if the sexy man who waTilked through her dreams every night was real. Under the watchful eye of the local white witch, Lucy is about to find out about the power of wishes and the vagaries of time. When she is sent two centuries into the past, she meets Cullen Thaine, the strong, mysterious man who'd also made a wish, a wish to spend one last night with an English wench before leaving for the colonies to pay a debt of honour. When Cullen confesses he longs to stay in his beloved Cornwall, will Lucy be able to make all their dreams come true?

To My Readers: This magical tale was inspired by a magical place - Cornwall - the rugged, southwest peninsula of England. When I was a young girl, we used to visit the county often, and it set my imagination going with its myths, legends and its beautiful landscape. It was the sort of place you could imagine wishes coming true... . Wouldn't it be lovely if we could get what we wished for? My heroine, Lucy Chambers, does just that and I hope you'll enjoy her wishes coming true as much as she does.
Sweet dreams!

Daria is the fifth daughter of the Primon royal house and a combat fighter pilot in the Primon fleet. Five years before, her sister, Lessia, was betrothed to General Kristiano Raven, the Hohn of Jevic, until a tragic shuttle accident took her life and jeopardized the alliance between the two worlds. Now, an unknown enemy threatens the galaxy and the alliance must be strengthened through the bonds of marriage, with Daria the only princess left to seal the bargain. But even as she fights to balance familial duty with her career goals, she cannot resist the potent pull of desire she feels whenever Raven touches her.

To My Readers: I always find the easiest characters to write are the ones who sit behind you at the computer and dictate their lives as you type. Thus, it was with Daria and Raven. I hope you enjoy reading their story as much as I did hearing it straight from the characters.

When Gabrielle checks into the top floor of an old hotel, she discovers an extra bonus in her room: a life-sized statue of a nude man. Her unexpected roommate reveals himself to be a talented lover caught by a witch's curse. Can she help him break free of the spell that holds him, without losing her heart along the way?

To My Readers: Santa Cruz is a California beach town that cherishes individuality. A walk down Pacific Avenue can be counted on to illustrate the point. You might spot a young woman wearing nothing but two squares of duct tape and a pair of jeans, or a man wrapped in strategically molded aluminum foil. Fortunately for most people, no one is required to follow a creative dress code. Visitors can safely leave the foil and duct tape at home.

Holly Aronson has experienced things that would give anyone else nightmares. Sweet, caring Andrew is the first person to make her feel whole again, but then his lifelong friend Shane arrives and makes her doubt everything she thinks she knows about the man she's trying hard to love. Shane was drawn to Holly the second he saw her, but too many things prevent them from being together - Shane's now-rocky friendship with Andrew, her need to stay where she thinks it's safe, and secrets so big that they threatens to tear all three of them apart.

To My Readers: Sometimes a story seems to have a mind of its own, and no matter what the writer does to try to shape it to fit the image they have in mind, something unexpected happens to change everything. This was one of those stories. It took me by surprise, and brought me to a place I hadn't even realized I wanted to go. I hope you enjoy getting lost in Holly and Shane's world.

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July 2007 : USA Paperback

Title: Secrets, Vol. 19: Timeless Passions
Author(s): Saskia Walker, Kathleen Scott, R Ellen Ferare, Elisa Adams
ISBN: 0-9754516-9-3 / 978-0-9754516-9-4 (USA edition)
Publisher: Red Sage Pub Inc
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